Dawn of the Read (dawnoftheread) wrote,
Dawn of the Read

Saturn Apartments

Saturn Apartments -  Volume 1
Hisae Iwaoka

Mitsu has finally graduated, and can now follow in his father's footsteps and begin working as a window cleaner.  But he won't be cleaning mere skyscrapers.  Mitsu is a part of the crew that cleans the windows on the outside of the massive space station surrounding Earth.  Humanity has made a mess of the planet, and left to give it a chance to recover.  But it is always nearby, and the window washers catch a glimpse more often than most folks.  It may have been the last thing Mitsu's father saw, when his rope broke and he disappeared off the side of the ship.  What happened?  Mitsu hopes to find a clue in his new workspace, or perhaps from the coworkers who knew his father.

A great science-fiction manga, but also a fine exploration of work life, loss, and the burdens of adulthood.  Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys graphic novels or manga.
Tags: orphans, science-fiction, space, work

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